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You may have the best product, or offer the highest quality service. Your expertise and reputation may be rated highest in your industry. Your place of business and equipment may be state-of-the-art and located in the fanciest facility. You may even have the most proffesionally structured and designed marketing pieces. But if you lack the power of a solid sales force, you are leaving the best on the table.

Sales is the absolute blood-stream, life and future of any successful business. The highest efforts and resources should be allocated on a top-producing sales force, before anything else. Although quality, reputation, pricing, location, marketing materials, advertising and everything else that make a healthy business are important, all of these combined don't match the power of a strong sales team.

And sales don't necessarily have to be performed by sales people. Your receptionist answering the phones could be your entire sales force and the component that doubles your revenue or diminishes your ablity to produce.

Having made this clear, it is equally important to identify, create, develop, optimize and maximize sales strategies and tools, and the sales production force that will implement them.

This is our highest expertise. Having trained marketing and advertising sales professionals, our strategies are bullet-proof for just about any imaginable industry. Every business owner understands the importance of advertising, yet, 99% of them just hate spending money on it. Advertising is a necessary evil they have no choice but to put up with. Additionally, there is such a wide and huge range of advertising venues, it is almost impossible to compete. Advertising sales is absolutely one of the toughest sales in the marketplace. Yet, we managed to put in place such strong strategies, and make people so outstandingly aggressive in their attitude towards sales, we have produced some of the most effective sales forces in the country.

Additionally, and as part of the training process, we work just as hard in identifying, developing, reviewing, designing and implementing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art sales and marketing materials and tools. Both content and design are equally important, as they make the weapons a sales army-of-one or a sales force of 100, will need to perform at its peak in today's competitive sales field.

This is the kind of value we bring to the table.



Martin Gondra, founder and president of G-POWER is also one of the top marketers and sales producers and trainers in the nation.

Not many people can claim they have been asked to sell their companies to the richest man in the world (Forbes' Mexican magnate Carlos Slim Helu). Gondra has. When Slim asked Gondra to sell him his Yellow Page companies in California, the condition was that he would stay running the company for at least two years. In reality, what the owner of the telcom and yellow page monopoly in Mexico and 10% of AT&T was buying, wasn't really yellow pages; he was actually buying 2 years of Gondra's time and expertise. The offer was too good to refuse, so Gondra agreed to the deal in late 2006. Slim was right: Altough Gondra was given a $4 million goal for the first year, he secured almost $7.5 million just in the first 10 months.

Not many people can claim that they have been invited to launch the new Spanish version of Playboy Magazine, one of the most prestigious publications in the world. Gondra has. Many people would have paid to get such honor and provilege. Gondra got it without even asking. He was contacted by the president of Playboy Mexico and flown to corporate headquarters in New York, to officially receive the project in May 2008. His reputation as an experienced publisher and Spanish market specialist got him this remarkable offer.

Trained personally by Jay Abraham (Forbes world's #1 marketing Guru) at his house in Palos Verdes, California, Gondra became a master at getting results, and duplicating his ability in the sales people he trains.


Gondra's 8-hour Masters Sales Seminar in front
of a Southern California main stream yellow page
company's regional managers and 85-people sales team.
The company also sent their top producers from
Northen California to attend this extraordinary event.

G POWER Marketing Sales Training Seminars and Coaching are conducted personally by Martin Gondra, in your own facilities anywhere in the US.



  1. BACKGROUND CHECK - Complete analysis of your company, history, structure, finances, past marketing strategies, complete lines of products and/or services, pricing structure.
  2. COMPETITORS - As part of an effective sales and marketing strategy, we will research other business' in your field in order to secure your edge in your markeplace.
  3. CURRENT SALES PROCESSES - Strategies and methods currently in place in your company.
  4. MATERIALS - All original printed materials needed for participants will be provided.
  5. SALES AND MARKETING TOOLS - Along with the training we will develop and provide a complete set of new sales and marketing tools, including presentation booklets, brochures and folders, pricing, and any other materials needed and critical for an effective sales team and campaign.
  6. MANAGEMENT TRAINING - In addition to training all sales professionals, we will also give a separate training to individuals in supervisory or management positions.
  7. RESULT-TRACKING - We will monitor and follow up all new processes in place, as well as results, for a pre-determined period of time.




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