You may have the best product, or offer the highest quality service. Your expertise and reputation may be rated highest in your industry, your place of business and equipment may be state-of-the-art and located in the fanciest facilities. But if you lack the power of a solid sales and marketing strategy, you are leaving the best on the table.


Sales is the absolute blood-stream, life and future of any successful business: product or service alike. The highest efforts and resources should be allocated on a well planned strategy, before anything else. This is your only real asset; everything else is an expense.

And sales don’t necessarily have to be performed by sales people. Your receptionist answering the phones could be your entire sales force and the component that doubles your revenue or diminishes your ability to produce.


Having made this clear, it is equally important to diagnose, identify, create, develop, optimize and maximize sales strategies and tools.


This is our highest expertise. Our strategies are bullet-proof for just about any imaginable industry.


Additionally, and as part of the training process, we work just as hard in identifying, developing, reviewing, designing and implementing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art sales and marketing materials and tools. Both content and design are equally important, as they make the weapons a sales army-of-one or a sales force of 100, will need to perform at its peak in today’s competitive sales field, or at the receptionist’s desk, or with your medical or legal assistant.


This is the kind of value we bring to the table.

Martin Gondra, founder and president of G-POWER is also one of the top marketers and sales strategists, producers and trainers in the nation.


Not many people can claim they have been asked to develop, strategize, hire, train and manage the US sales campaign and sales force for the second richest man in the world, Mexican magnate Carlos Slim Helu.  Martin Gondra has, taking his operation from the initial annual $4 million projection to nearly doubling that number at $7.5 million in just the first 10 months.


Trained personally by Jay Abraham (Forbes’ world’s marketing genius of all times) at his house in Palos Verdes, California, Gondra became a master at getting results.


G POWER Marketing Sales Training Seminars and Coaching are conducted personally by Martin Gondra, in your own facilities anywhere in the US.